Podcast: Conditions for healthy communities

#012 Conditions for healthy communities

Podcast: Resonating teams

#011 Resonating teams

Podcast: Clear vision for success

#010 Clear vision for success

Podcast: Put yourself out there

#009 Put yourself out there

Podcast: Choosing to be helpful

#008 Choosing to be helpful

Podcast: Goals for lazy people

#007 Goals for lazy people

Podcast: Digging into the detail

#006 Digging into the detail

Agile foundations: The value of User Stories

We do what we do in order to change the world. This is especially true for organisations: from independent consultants to global super powers. So why do so many of us forget this and end up focussing on the wrong things for too long?

In this article, I’ll introduce you to ‘User Stories’ in real-life. This Agile story telling technique will encourage you to focus on outcomes and purpose (valuable change), rather than features and churn (the red herring). And you can start it straight away.

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Vocational serendipity; when career paths and real-life align

I don’t believe in Destiny. As someone who turns 40 very soon, and brought up on a loop of Star Wars movies served from a VHS video cassette player, I don’t suppose that’s all that uncommon.

han-solo-destinyNow that doesn’t mean I can’t accept coincidences and happy accidents. In fact, I try to make the most of opportunities when they present themselves. When conditions and the timing are right, what would stop you from taking the leap?

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The kindness of strangers; taking risks in our safe places

This month I’m travelling around the UK with my partner, to meet new people, to create and capture stories, to explore the land, and to try to reach a flow between work and life. The intent for this experiment is clear in my mind. And as ever, real-life is throwing up all sorts of surprises.

As we trundle through the towns and cities in our camper van, liveried in stand-out yellow flakey paint, with the unmistakable VW engine ‘burble’ noises, people smile. This happens everywhere we’ve been. From the lime tree-lined suburbs of large family homes, to neglected streets of houses with boarded up windows. People of all ages, and in all areas, look up as we pass. Many smile, and seem cheered to see us pootle on by. Some even wave. And we always smile and wave back. It cheers us up every time.

A big part of this journey is also about spending time, in person, with people I barely know. I want to get to know some of the folks who’ve inspired me, and have planned to meet up with lots of them throughout September. I had no idea how the reality of meeting people I’ve connected with through twitter, Slack teams, or by introduction from a mutual friend, will go. And of course, the uncertainty is mutual. How will others feel about meeting the real-life Sam?

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