Speaking and presenting

I love speaking at events and conferences, and jump at the chance whenever I’m able.

Recent presentations

I am considering ways that people and organisations can deliver value sooner and waste less, using principles from digital like Agile and Lean. Recent bookings, where I’ve been invited to speak about Agile Principles in Real-life:

  • Sports Coach UK, Nottingham, July 2016

  • DPM Bournemouth, Bournemouth, August 2016

  • Sea Salt Learning, via webinar, 22 August 2016

A slide deck of this presentation for a non-digital audience: http://bit.ly/agile-real-life

And a variation of the deck for a digital audiencehttp://bit.ly/agile-real-life-dpm

Programme: introducing Agile to your non-digital team

To accompany the Agile Principles in Real-Life presentation, I have developed a series of workshops and coaching sessions to help organisations benefit from Agile. This is based on my real-world experience, so if you’re considering moving to Agile, get in touch with me today.

Other speaking topics / workshops

Here are a few subjects I’m always excited to speak, discuss or workshop:

  • Entrepreneur Crashes; from business founder to business leader to exit
  • The Art of Problem FAILING; success is over-rated so fail fast, win faster
  • Spikes and Sprints; collaborative, rapid innovation and creative thinking
  • The Spirit of Partnership; collaborate, co-create, and trust better, together
  • What not to do in a tech start-up; lessons learned in the field
  • Do Developers Dream of Electric Sheep?; from service delivery agency to product development team

Getting in touch

If there’s anything you’ve seen here that interests you, or you have an idea you want to share, then let’s catch up over a tea / coffee and chat on Skype, or in person.

Drop me a line.