Podcast recording

I’ve spent time over the past couple of years recording and producing many podcasts. I’m an avid listener and believe the long-format of podcasting allows us to explore ideas in a totally unique way: thoroughly, entertainingly, and in an authentic voice.

Conference / event podcasts

Podcasting is a simple and engaging tool for capturing and sharing the narrative of a conference or event.

I provided and hosted a chain-recording podcast studio at this year’s Social Age Safari 2016. Thirteen conversation were recorded, which will be released later in 2016.

Agile Tales Podcast Tour

In September 2016, I toured the UK in a 1970’s VW camper van, and meet inspiring people from the thriving Agile community, to record Agile Tales: real-life stories from Agile.

Find out more about the Agile Tale Podcast Tour

Sadly, the VW didn’t make the second half of the trip in 2016, so interviews are being rescheduled for 2017. To accompany the podcast series that’ll follow the next tour, I’ll provide a dedicated online space for the wider Agile community to share their own stories.

If you want to find out more about the tour or want to help it grow, please get in touch to see how you can contribute.

Blowing Bubbles podcast

At the beginning of 2017, I produced and published a new podcast series, called Blowing Bubbles. This regular audio journal gives me a space to capture and reflect on new ideas.

The ‘bubbles’ are tiny podcast episodes, lasting only a couple of minutes each. The community of listeners then challenge, develop and co-create the bubbles through the website and social media. More interesting ideas rise to the top and are expanded.

Find out more and visit the Blowing Bubbles podcast website.

Your event podcast

If you want to find out more about podcasting-as-a-story-telling-platform, and how it can improve your event or conference, then get in touch.

I will provide all the right podcasting audio equipment, recording know-how and production expertise. And it can be fun too!