Courage in the face of no other option

All the exercise, healthy eating, yoga, and meditation in the world can’t stop shit from happening. It’s not fair but sometime it just does.

This week I have heard the stories of two people handed awful circumstances; unfair, unavoidable and life changing. They will both need to find courage to face their challenges over the coming weeks as they deal with the changes. I’m sure they will. They’ll have to.

And it got me thinking about how brave we can become when the choice to do nothing is taken away. When the option to give up, or step aside, is no longer an option. And how when that happens we deal with the changes. Well, we have to.

So if you’re teetering on the edge of a decision but not feeling quite brave enough to make that leap, or maybe you’re questioning starting something new, or making a long-desired change, then ask yourself: if this was your only choice would you find the courage to see it through?

Maybe you’d find that you’re braver than you think, when there is no option not to be.

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